New Product series
New Product series

Product Intoduction    

Brand Nets Tribe 
Size Customized on requirement
Material The detailed material is on the quotation
 Color Customized
Warranty 1 year 
Certifcation ISO9001、CE、TUV、SGS, etc. 
 Place Cultural and sports parks, cultural tourism scenic spots, theme parks, real estate facilities,, commercial complexes, ecological farms, etc.
Advantage1. Easy to install2. More affortable price 3. Low investment and operating costs4. Attractive shapes for tourist5. Rich gameplay, providing tourists an immersive experience
InstallationEngineers on site, CAD guidance, assembly procedures, video guidance, etc.

Entrepreneurial good project - Standardized theme amusement product recommendation, cost-effective products, diverse gameplay, covering children of all ages, early layout, early profit.
Professional installation

Professional installation

Professional installation

Gold Design

Professional installation


Professional installation

After service

Brand support     Operation support

We have been committed to the children's amusement industry, one-stop service for site survey, design and planning, production and installation


Creative modeling, brain hole wide open

Entertaining and entertaining, inspire children's imagination and creativity, and promote happy growth.




Product Information

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Product Name:Toilet themed trampoline

Material: Galvanized steel pipe + polyester fiber + nylon mesh



floor space:≈40㎡

Recommended Series 

A variety of amusement product series to meet the diverse needs of the park, Cultural tourism scenic spots, cultural and sports parks, theme parks, ecological farms, Commercial complexes, real estate facilities and other venues have suitable equipment to be choosen.

IP image customization

Create an exclusive IP image, integrate elements into the device, and improve the brand image

IP image customization
IP image customization
IP image customization


Participated in IAAPA, CAAPA, GTI, DEAL and other industry exhibitions for many times

Factory  and workshop to
guarantee the qualtiy 

"Binzhou Nets Tribe Co., Ltd estiblisheed in 2013. 
Nets Tribe designed, manufactured and marked extensive range of high-quality indoor and outdoor playground equipment, integrating with overall planing, production customization and installation, theme VI image planing, park operation and management. 
Nets Tribe products are sold around the world through subsidiaries, agents and distributors. 


"The production factory has more than 20 years of experience in rope net production, covering an area of ​​60
00㎡, dozens of automated production lines. More than 150 skilled production workers
Hand-woven craftsmanship with centuries of heritage"

IP image customization
IP image customization
IP image customization
IP image customization

About 500 park cases around the world

One-stop integrated service brand

IP image customization

Honors and Qualifications

IP image customization
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