About Tribe

Tribe History

Nets Tribe was established in 2013. After more than 10 years of precipitation, it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise mainly focusing on amusement, covering educational toys, installation art, creative home and other business fields.

The company's entertainment sector focuses on the whole ecological chain of space sports entertainment, providing comprehensive solutions to the entertainment industry for global partners.

Business includes the overall planning and design of the park, theme VI image design, customized product design, park operation and management, to provide professional one-stop solutions for global customers.

Nets Tribe has fully considered the needs of children of different ages for entertainment and art, and created many age-appropriate entertainment scenes for children. At the same time, focus on parent-child interaction to create a fun space suitable for sharing happiness with family.

Nets Tribe has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, CE certification, TUV certification, SGS and other testing certification qualifications, and has obtained more than 40 national patents Nets Tribe is a member of IAAPA, CAAPA, CTJPA.

Development History

  • 2022
    Keep walking
  • 2021
    The most healing home in the world
  • 2020
    Advocate the concept of green amusement
  • 2018
    Parent-child leisure industry investment operator
  • 2017
    Diversified business layout
  • 2016
    Brands go overseas
  • 2015
    New breakthroughs in patents
  • 2013
    Nets Tribe was offcially established


  • Creative


    Li Jitao / CEO

    Li Jitao, after years of dedicated exploration in the field of rope net art, has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development. With a diverse and international design perspective, he continuously breaks through and innovates in his designs, maintaining curiosity and a spirit of exploration, viewing each project as a wonderful journey. The company has a team of over 20 professional designers who have graduated from domestic and foreign universities, providing professional services for various industries such as commercial amusement, cultural and tourism attractions, municipal parks, and educational institutions.

  • Landscape Designer

    Li Meng / Landscape Designer

    Li Meng is a landscape designer with a distinctive, stylish, and tall appearance, a candid and forthright personality, confident and determined eyes, and a deep professional understanding. She designs with her life experiences and expresses life through her designs. Li has been working in the design industry for 4 years and has persevered quietly in her position simply because she loves it. She enjoys the freedom of design and the joy of fulfilling clients' expectations.

  • 3D Designer

    Li Mengchen / 3D Designer

    Li Mengchen, our 3D designer, adheres to the principle that "designs that can be implemented are truly good designs!" She has an endless passion for this path.

    As everyone's aesthetics are different, respecting each other and listening to each other's ideas is the prerequisite for communication. The basic principle of design is to consider functionality and practicality for each client. Each person is unique, so every design should also be unique and tailored to their individual needs.

  • Planning


    Li Guoliang / Planning Designer

    Li Guoliang is a graduate of the Landscape and Environmental Art Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has previously worked for one of the largest environmental art design companies in Asia and has extensive experience in designing large-scale projects. He is proficient in various drawing software such as AutoCAD, 3DMAX, and others. He is adept at providing comprehensive and diverse design solutions with the customer as the central focus. He has led multiple large-scale project planning efforts, with project sizes reaching up to 90,000 square meters.

  • Landscape


    Fu Chunlei / Landscape Designer

    Fu Chunlei is a landscape designer with a Master's degree in Landscape Design. She believes that every design should be thoughtfully considered, including the materials used and the overall meaning and purpose of the design. Fu believes that design is not just an end goal, but a way to change people's lives. Good design can influence a child's behavior, and their behavior can become a habit that affects their entire life.

  • E-commerce


    Zhang Qi / E-commerce Designer

    Zhang Qi is an e-commerce designer who believes that design is not just art but a tool for everyone. It is selfless and business-oriented, not just free-spirited but both beautiful and useful. Zhang believes in designing with a human touch and caring for the relationship between each child and their environment. The goal is to bring spaces to life and create designs that are truly heartfelt and focused on the essence of design itself.

  • Visual Designer

    Zhang Yaru / Visual Designer

    With 7 years of industry experience and having previously worked for a Fortune 500 company, Zhang Yaru believes that brand design is a commercial design based on brand strategy. She compares brand design to tailoring, where the right clothes are made for the brand to win the favor of more consumers. Using graphics, text, or other forms to visualize brand image, she aims to visualize enterprise strategy and express brand value through "visual" language to consumers. Through various social media platforms, she conveys her ideas and pursues the creation of a unique brand using the fewest words and simplest designs possible.

  • Product Designer

    Sun Ningbo / Product Designer

    Sun Ningbo is a research-oriented designer who is naturally interested in creative things. She likes to capture the essence of materials and things, and through a unique and objective perspective, she thinks about the balance between tradition and modernity, and the differences between East and West, creating elegant and timeless works.

    As a product designer, she believes that design is no longer just about "solving a problem" so simply. Today's product design allows and requires more emotional, sensory, and memory values to be carried inside, requiring more dimensional rationality to be met.

  • Steel Structure


    Yan Xiangtai / Steel Structure Designer

    Yan Xiangtai is a steel structure designer who believes that the key to good design lies in understanding the basic elements that make up all forms, such as points, lines, surfaces, and blocks, even though the universe and everything in it is constantly changing. In addition to technical expertise, a designer must also have an eye for beauty. Design is a form of expression, and Yan is committed to providing design concepts and using his professional skills to solve problems. If design brings us together, Yan hopes it will be a journey of transformative dreams.

Tribe Culture

Tribal Mission

Make the world cheerful

Tribal Vision

To be the world’s leading providers of entertainment industry
To persuit the happiness of stakeholders

Tribal Values

Honest, Respect, Passion, Quality, Innovation

Tribe Certification 

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