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Beijing in early summer

Exceptionally pleasant climate

March's "no-show" turns a little better in May


2021CAAPA International Amusement Exhibition

The end of the song is not gone, let's review the wonderful moments together

In the construction of outdoor playgrounds, we emphasize the mutual penetration of natural landscapes and amusement functions, "ecological play, landscape play", structures and the natural conditions of the site blend with each other and coexist harmoniously.


From May 22 to 24, the rope net tribe held a 3-day exhibition at the 2021 China International Amusement Equipment Expo.


In this exhibition, with the theme of "Adventurous Jungle Paradise", the rope net tribe will show you an adventurous jungle adventure, a joyful interaction with nature, and how to let children in this forest through product and sand table simulation. A secret base to relax,

 learn and grow.


"Jungle Trampoline" is an activity space that encourages children to explore, exercise and interact. It is a fun trip to unpack the gift of the forest, and it is a tree base for children. The designer extends the design based on the trampoline products on the tree, and combines elements such as secret cabins, online sports fields, and challenges to enrich the experience and interactive forms.



This year's exhibition, we also adopted the form of sand table to show the planning and design concept of outdoor venues.

The plot of the story revolves around the adventures of Ying Xiaohuan, the IP image of the rope net tribe, and his friends, which are divided into Jungle Adventure, Discovery Square, Hobbit House, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pan's Magic Net, Happy Sand Pool, and Fairy Tale Seven. A story scene, with game equipment with different functions embedded in the story scene, with the theme of children's adventure and parent-child leisure, creating a fairy tale adventure world for children.


"Bring joy to people all over the world", while the indoor venues are diversified, we are also participating more and more in outdoor venue projects, and our design concepts are constantly changing to bring joy to more people. We must also be more friendly to the world, to nature, and to all things.


Wonderful ending in May, see you in Shanghai in August!

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