New Product series
Nets Tribe advocates the concept of green amusement and integrates amusement design with the natural environment. Based on the in-depth refinement of the site's humanities, geography, ecology and project needs, safe and environmentally friendly materials are used to polish abundant products and bring sustainable play experience to children.
New Product series

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Play equipment for all needs and abilities

Cheese Trampoline

Focus and concentration in rope industry for 10 years

Professional installation

Beautiful design

Gold Design Team

Installation  support

Professional installation

Source Manufacturers

Gold Design Team

Quality Guarantee


Cheese Trampoline

Floor space : 58m2

Product size : W3.8m*L11.6m*H3.5m

Material : galvanized steel pipe + polyester/nylon net


WOW factor and  
develop factor

There are lots of games and outward bound training programs designed in it.

Motor Skills' ABC

Agility,Balance and Coordination.Musclegroups are used : arms push and pull,legs push and the core provides stability.


For indoor and outdoor

Indoor and outdoor amusement park, community plaza,shopping mall,kindergarten,etc.

Amusement Park

Netflix project high income generation

Large shopping malls

High traffic flow Reasonable planning 


More fun Increase popularity

Scenic Area

Rich mix Exciting and fun

Theme Parks

Emerging Projects Fast payback


Enrichment Residents’ life

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