Exhibition Review | Guangzhou Design Week SUPER CHILDHOOD Super Childhood Theme Exhibition

What color is childhood?

The warm orange of the window beam / the budding pink of the lotus in the pond

The unbridled green of the field / the muted black of the curtain of the night sky

The scorching sun is fragile and unbearable red / the wind blows the wheat and the calm blue

White with hope for cleanliness...


SUPER CHILDHOOD super childhood theme exhibition ended successfully in 2020 Guangzhou Design Week. Through the combination of several spatial art works, the designers brought the visitors a healing experience of childhood based on different emotional changes expressed by color.

Among them, in the unit of "Colorful Box - A Journey Around the Wonderland", the art rope nets "Black Space Heavy Black", "Blue Space Tranquility Blue" and other five-color art works jointly designed by the rope net tribe and Yuhe Guangnian can be shared with each other. Presentation - Enter the space-time container of color and encounter different emotions.

Childhood Tragedy - "Black Space Heavy Black"


There is no star in the sky

The whole world seems to be silent

The sense of absurdity beyond reality spreads in space

Tirelessly like a huge black curtain

Depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, that's the scourge of childhood.


In a space with emotions, black represents the unknown and immersion. Some of the staggered branches of the channel will form an ant nest channel. A theme IP is placed in the interval of the rope net structure to express the expression of rust and oldness. What we hope to create is a childhood world in a repressive environment, expressing the state of a certain stage of childhood, that is, the desire to break out of constraints.

Relief home - "Blue Space Tranquility • Blue"


An expansive space spread out by a network, with the upper and lower layers as a hierarchical relationship, here is an exclusive emotional space for relaxation, representing the blue hue of the ocean, accompanied by soothing music and soft lighting atmosphere, where all defenses and shackles can be removed.

"Happy childhood heals a lifetime, unhappy childhood heals with a lifetime". It is hoped that every piece of our careful design and product can enter the childhood of more people and bring more healing energy.



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