Independent research and devolopment to creat a beautiful childhood.

All long, Our technology and creativity come from the long exprience accumulated by rope nets in this area. We are always remembering and pursuing our corporate spirit, professional, creative, down-to-earth and sincere on the forward way. We devoted ourseloves to turning love into every details and creating a beautiful childhood for children.


Nets Tribe headquartered in Binzhou,Shandong hometown of rope nets quietly entered to children's entertainment market in 2013, focusing on the development and production of rope nets equipment by handmade. We always embrace the spirit of innovation and break through many problems while improving ourselves. We will create a new project that integrates amusement, puzzle, expansion and fitness – the rope net software climbing project.

Net Tribe is a world-renowned brand. Lanhai Protective Products Co., Ltd. is our predecessor. It has nearly 20 years of experience in rope net product development and production, and our products have covered more than 100 cities in China. Self-discipline, focus, trustworthiness, and sincerity make us more professional.