The last day of 2018 is the beginning of the new year's League building activities.


Binzhou Rope Net Tribe Operating Center organized this group building activity in the ski resort on 28 th of this month. The Ministry of Human Resources, Finance, Promotion, Electronic Commerce, Ministry of Internal Trade and Ministry of Foreign Trade jointly participated. They thanked every employee for their hard work and expressed their firm determination to work together in the new year.

On the last day of the New Year, I finally did not need to work overtime. I took Xiaobian's small hands and set off together. I felt so happy. I don't know why I suddenly felt happier than I did during the New Year.

Look back at our beautiful little faces with a big grin and look at our rough hair!

Finally, we have arrived at the beautiful Taohua Island ski resort in Longju, Dongying.

After changing shoes, follow the elder's footsteps to the skiing ground, good chicken frozen chicken frozen...

A day's skiing competition is about to begin. Learn basic skiing movements with the coach first, in case you fall and get a "handsome" posture.

Finally, get ready to start, and pose.

Look at all our cool postures. Are there any professional postures? Let's go down and wrestle with each other.

Ouch, look at this 180 degree back somersault....

Ouch, it hurts my brain when I fall, and it hurts my brain.

This fallen photo is not shown here, in order to prevent the soft text from being pushed out, Xiaobian is called to the playground after work.... The colleagues who want to see can secretly send Xiaobian a private bag, hey hey hey hey hey ~ ~

At sunset, our group building activities are also ready to end, and finally throw out a large group photo of beautiful men and women.
In the new year, I wish every employee more wonderful harvest and create more achievements in the new year.